Following the Follow Fest…

I was delighted to participate in the Follow Fest,  but I was called away and won’t be able to click links and add and comment and do all the other things I have been looking forward to doing until Sunday.

I can’t wait to read, visit, go back to the earlier days, follow on Twitter, and do all the other things I’ve been looking forward to.

Melissa Maygrove, bless her, has left the linky lists up and I will be playing in among them.

Thank you to everyone who visited me and commented.  I’m in awe (and intrigued – what variety and talent!) by what I’ve seen.  I’ll be gladly reciprocating! 

(And thank you, Melissa, for this wonderful idea!  May your fountain of inspiration never run dry!


4 comments on “Following the Follow Fest…

  1. Hi Diana .. you'll do what you can in the circumstances – hope that call away wasn't too worrying .. cheers for now – Hilary

  2. Lara Lacombe says:

    Hope you had a good weekend! We'll still be here when you get back 🙂

  3. Diana Wilder says:

    Bless you, HIlary -All is well (my elderly mother was always an intelligent woman,but now she has discovered the joys of being assertive to car salesmen) I'm back now, and can't wait to look through things. I'll be busy tomorrow. One wonderful thing about the 'follow fest' is that I learned that you can write posts and schedule them for later publication. I imagine that wonderfully creative posts (rather like yours?) used such a wonderful tool, but I'm agog with the idea of not having to scramble. Wonderful!Diana

  4. Diana Wilder says:

    Thank you, Lara -I'm looking forward to tearing into things, looking around, being amazed by what I see (I did a little of it. I knew I was dealing with interesting, enjoyable and impressive folk, but the scope boggles the mind…)When is your issue date? I want to buy a copy of your book… Maybe I'd best drop by and leave a message…Diana

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