Celebrating the Small Things, September 5, 3012

Another Friday morning, kicking back and thinking of the note-worthy (but small) things that we can celebrate.

Cooler weather means that I can break out my fluffy blue bathrobe.  There is much to celebrate in this:

This means the weather is cooler.  Since my idea of a bad time is hot weather, the celebratory nature of this deduction (writing like a Jane Austen heroine) should be obvious.

My cats now can lie on the fluffy thing, knead it, purr over it, and squabble over who gets to lie right smack in the center of the thing.  This makes me laugh, which is always good.

I jotted some chapters, having snuck (sneaked?  the past tense of ‘to sneak’ is not, I know, ‘to snack’…) time from a rather boring passage at work.  Light shed on the flow of the story, an engaging exchange between two brothers…

And I have, finally, found a rather nice Chinese restaurant near my place of employment.  Eight minutes away by car.  I love Chinese food, my family spent several generations in China and Japan (my grandfather is buried in Yokohama, and my great-grandparents spent half WWII interned in a Japanese concentration camp.  We have my grandfather’s journal.  But I digress).  The problem is that I moved to an area of the United States, to the capital of a New England state that is notable for its lack of decent restaurants.  All they seem to understand are hot dogs, faux Italian and MSG.

But this place is charming.  They know me by name after three visits.  Their food, though Cantonese (I prefer Northern Chinese) is delicious.  Some Cantonese is sweet, and this is so, but the ingredients are very good, the food is well prepared, the people are delightful, and I am happy.  Hm.  Maybe some garlic shrimp at lunch?  It will have the added benefit of keeping the vampires away…

What are YOU celebrating today?  Join us! 

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