Fiddling With Covers

…or a Cover Reveal of sorts…

This is a pair of stories set in 1830’s Paris.  I had previously published the first one under a pen name (Anne Shaughnessy) because while they are historic fiction and include a mystery, like my Egyptian stories, they are in a different setting.

After thinking things through, (and reading some blog posts on the subject) I decided to own the first book and publish the second under my name.  Today is the first day that Book 1 in its new form is available on Kindle.  I am waiting to approve the printed proof, but unless I discover something shocking, the print version will be available by week’s end.

I just finished a Goodreads giveaway with the book listed under my Nom De Plume.  It shouldn’t be hard to consolidate the two accounts (Goodreads requires a separate Author’s Page for each published name). 

They are showing up a little dark on this page. The book on the left is royal blue (the background is blue velvet). The right side one is wine-colored, but not so dark. I may re-upload the images.

…And I just got my first honest to goodness ‘borrow’ on Book #1.  Not too shabby…