Follow Fest Blog – Day 5

I’ve joined the Follow Fest, a blog hop that was set up (thank you!) by Melissa Maygrove, whose blog is well worth lingering over.

This is a sort of ‘meet and greet’ for bloggers who want to meet other bloggers, or who would love to invite others to drop by and enjoy their blogs.

We’re all writers, and we are asked to provide information about ourselves in our posts.  …And here is mine:

I am:  Diana Wilder A, HF,F,TH,M

My blog is at:

Diana Wilder

Fiction or nonfiction? 
Fiction (I enjoy telling stories)

What genres do you write? 
I write historical fiction, usually involving a mystery, often with a love story.

Are you published? 
I have six books published:  A series of four books set in Egypt (several mysteries there), an adventure and romance set in the American Civil War, and a mystery set in 1830’s Paris. This last was published under a different name.  I am bringing it out under my own name.

Do you do anything in addition to writing?

I do my own cover art.  I participate in beta reads.  I am also an excellent cheerleader

Where can people connect with you?

My blog is here:

You can go to my website:

You’ll find sample chapters, blurbs, outlines, my thoughts on various subjects, and a lot of pictures.   

(    @diana_wilder     )

(you can find my personal page by typing in my name – Diana Wilder)

You can email me at:  This email address   (I love to answer)

Author pages:



Is there anything else you’d like us to know?

I participate each year in the ABNA contest (and the discussion boards).  I am happy to post cover reveals and information on releases.  While I can’t do horror or some paranormal (too active an imagination) I’m delighted to participate in cover reveals or interviewsor information on releases.  I ansl will participate in beta reads, depending on the genre. I’ll need beta readers shortly, since I have one story coming out soon.  Allowing for my issues with some genres (my quirk, not the genres!) I’m happy to beta-read or provide feedback.
I have the recipe for the very best chocolate cake on the planet.  Some day I will post it.  Email me with a request and I’ll send it to you!



26 comments on “Follow Fest Blog – Day 5

  1. Delynn Royer says:

    Hi Diana! It's great to meet you. Your books sound fun. I love mixing history with mystery and romance in my reading as well as my writing. I'll have to check one out. Do you have a favorite one to recommend to a new reader?

  2. Diana Wilder says:

    Hi, Delynn – Thanks for stopping by! What's your blog address? (I couldn't find it). Your writing sounds really interesting.If you like a mystery with your history and romance, you would probably like The Orphan's Tale, which I put out under the name 'Anne Shaughnessy'. (It is being re-released under my real name). Or The Safeguard, which is on my website. Thanks for stopping!

  3. Trisha F says:

    Love the sound of your books, though I don't write any sort of historical. It's cool that you've chosen a few different settings for your various novels. :)I also love to see that you have a kitty with you in your picture! I'm a cat person for sure. :DNice to meet you via the awesome follow fest!

  4. randi lee says:

    Already a follower of yours. Just stopping by to let you know that and to let you know that it's nice to learn some new things about you! 🙂

  5. Shah Wharton says:

    Hey Diana, I'm here to “Celebrate..” and to say hello. Good to 'meet' you properly too. 🙂 Shah, X

  6. M.L. Swift says:

    Hello Delynn!First may I say, I love the picture of you in the field of sunflowers on your FB page! I've wanted to plant a field of them in the back acre of my yard. Maybe one day…when I have plenty of seeds. I planted a few rows once and dang if the birds didn't dig them up and eat them. They must have been watching from the treetops, waiting for me to leave.I've followed you everywhere I could. I was part of Day 1 of the Fest, but you can connect to me via my sign off link below (I no longer have my Blogspot blog…moved to WordPress).Take care!M.L. Swift, Writer

  7. Ava Quinn says:

    Hi Diana. I love the settings you chose for your novels. So intriguing! It's nice to meet you through Follow Fest. Looking forward to getting to know you better!

  8. Melissa says:

    I love, love, love historical fiction. So glad to meet you. Thanks for participating in Follow Fest. 🙂

  9. Hi Diane!Good luck with Follow Fest! I am so fascinated with the Civil War era…not so much the fighting but the life style…the chilvary and the simpler way of life but not so much the oppression and slavery…If you get a chance come on over to my blog. I host a series called WRITERLY WISDOM where guest authors, agents, and illustrators are invited to provide posts on all areas of writing and publishing…;~)Take care,Donna L

  10. Chocolate cake? Yum. Following you on Twitter, and I “liked” your Amazon page.

  11. Hi Diane, good to meet you through Follow Fest! Sounds like you're a busy girl. Good for you!!

  12. Nice to meet you through Follow Fest! I'm amazed and impressed that you do your own cover art. The best chocolate cake on the planet sounds good, too.

  13. Sherry Ellis says:

    I love historical fiction – especially ones with a mystery! Nice to meet you. I'll go check out your links.

  14. Hello, Diana. We've already connected, but I didn't realize I wasn't following you on twitter, now I am. I didn't realize you had published 6 books, wow!! I'm always flying around these blogs trying to meet everyone, I need to spend time on each one.

  15. M.J. Fifield says:

    I love historical fiction, especially when it involves a mystery and a romance. Best of luck with it!

  16. Sara Fowler says:

    Your mystery set in 1830s Paris caught my eye! Do you enjoy the research part of writing Historical Fiction? Congratulations on your novels and continued success with your WIPs.

  17. Diana Wilder says:

    Thanks for stopping by, Trisha! I think cats help you concentrate – on petting them! My dog helps me concentrate on pitying his poor, starving (100 pound) self! the fun thing about history is that it's about people, and they're never dull…

  18. Liz Blocker says:

    Six books – that's amazing! Congratulations 🙂 It's great to meet you!

  19. lgkelso says:

    I love Egypt. I'll have to check out those books! One of my series has Egyptian mythology… a little different, but anything Egyptian jumps out at me. Nice to meet you!

  20. I'd ask for that recipe, but I don't want to put my diet at risk. ;-)I like the sound of your books.

  21. Diana Wilder says:

    It's wonderful to meet you now, and I enjoyed your blog. How DO you keep motivated? I'll have to watch!Diana

  22. Diana Wilder says:

    Hi, Shah! wonderful to 'meet' you, too! I love your background photo…

  23. Diana Wilder says:

    thanks for visiting – I've followed you (and looked around… NaNo IS rather overwhelming, isn't it? No matter – you end up with some good material). I envy you Florida!

  24. Diana Wilder says:

    Thank you for thinking of the awesome idea in the first place. From start to finish it's brilliant (and did you notice I'm following you, too, now?)Diana

  25. Diana Wilder says:

    Same here, Ava! Good to be 'following' you now, too!

  26. Hi Diana! I'm finally catching up with follow fest, and can't believe I've not connected with you more until now. Well, that's been rectified. 🙂 There're several beta readers and looking fore BRs in this follow fest, even from the 5th day. Hope you find what you're looking for! Writer’s Mark

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