Small Celebrations – August 16, 2013.

Friday is the day that we pause to take stock of the small things that we often allow to go unnoticed.  Check the participants and see what they all have identified, and reflect on your own small celebrations that you might not have noticed…

Today I realized that after a long, hot stretch I have been sleeping through the night without needing a fan or an air conditioner.  And I have awakened naturally without the figurative shouting and shoulder-shaking that my alarm clock provides.  (So invigorating, dont’cha know?)

I heard from an Australian friend that her husband was battling snow (he operates a snow plow) and conditions are difficult.  I don’t have that to contend with…yet.

I have a charming old (17 year) fellow at my elbow, with a face full of white whiskers (I should mention that he is a cat).  Seventeen years is a long life and he is slowing down and at becoming more clingy.  He also drools when he’s happy. 

I hope all have a wonderful weekend – visit the others on this Blog hop and see what they’re celebrate – and celebrate something of your own!

9 comments on “Small Celebrations – August 16, 2013.

  1. Juliet Bond says:

    What a lovely way to wake up! I remember when our cat was getting older and she would cuddle more (and drool a bit.) It was a bit of a magical time to have her need us again as if she were a kitten.

  2. Julia says:

    The hotel we stayed in last weekend was SO hot and stuffy it kept me awake – and it takes a lot to do that, once I've drifted off. Really annoying when you've gone to bed tired to find sleep eluding you.

  3. Hi Diana .. lovely to wake up that way – the seagulls wake me up really early, but I turn over and zizz back on!! Your old boy or girl .. sounds lovely – even with the dribbles!Snow – yugh .. I hope we don't have another bad winter!! Nights are closing in too .. cheers and have a happy weekend with the small things – Hilary

  4. S.K. Anthony says:

    Om my goodness, I don't want to worry about snow yet! lolAwww to your drooling slow happy cat 😉

  5. It almost makes me want to cry to think of our cats being that old. They were teeny tiny kittens when we brought them home, and they've been cuddly and clingy ever since. Sometimes, I worry that they're gonna outlive me, and other times, i worry that they won't.Yay for you on sleeping through the night. I don't believe I've done that since we brought those cuddly clingy kitties home, but it's a small price to pay, wouldn't you say?Happy weekend!

  6. VikLit says:

    It is nice getting to the point where you don't need a fan all night!

  7. What a darling picture you've described of you and your cat. I tell you, I am spoiled here in the SF Bay Area. Although August and/or September can give us quite some hot days, it's usually fairly short lived, and the cold, winter days… well, we are truly spoiled! May you have a wonderful weekend as well. Writer’s Mark

  8. Lara Lacombe says:

    Sounds like you're getting restful sleep–the best kind!One of my cats drools when he sleeps–it's pretty stinking cute 🙂

  9. Sharon Himsl says:

    Ah, but I do regret the early signs of Fall despite the cooling air, don't you? Summer has been wonderful this year. Pictures of your 17yr cat??? I miss mine so much (a beautiful birman)–she died awhile back and I haven't replaced her. She was a faithful, sweet companion. Thank you for your gracious remarks at my blog! And I see you are an Ivan Doig fan too! I should have known. House of Sky is my favorite. I was so taken with his words and delivery when I first discovered this author.

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