Small Celebrations – August 16, 2013.

Friday is the day that we pause to take stock of the small things that we often allow to go unnoticed.  Check the participants and see what they all have identified, and reflect on your own small celebrations that you might not have noticed…

Today I realized that after a long, hot stretch I have been sleeping through the night without needing a fan or an air conditioner.  And I have awakened naturally without the figurative shouting and shoulder-shaking that my alarm clock provides.  (So invigorating, dont’cha know?)

I heard from an Australian friend that her husband was battling snow (he operates a snow plow) and conditions are difficult.  I don’t have that to contend with…yet.

I have a charming old (17 year) fellow at my elbow, with a face full of white whiskers (I should mention that he is a cat).  Seventeen years is a long life and he is slowing down and at becoming more clingy.  He also drools when he’s happy. 

I hope all have a wonderful weekend – visit the others on this Blog hop and see what they’re celebrate – and celebrate something of your own!