Small Celebrations – August 23, 2013

Another Friday is here, and thanks to VikLit, we pause to think of the sometimes unnoticed things in our lives that should be noticed and celebrated.
I am sitting here, drinking my morning tea (hot, with milk), with my old duffer of a cat on my lap making typing difficult.  But he does provide me with a challenge.  He is also a champion purr-er.

The weeping cherry that I planted outside the front window is not only growing, it is proving to be a favorite perching-place for songbirds.

My elderly mother, who is completing her first year of widowhood, has concluded that she does need a pet, and she will be looking for a dog.  My siblings and I have been pushing for that for months now.  When their old dog died, Mom and Dad did not get another because dad was unsteady on his legs and there was some fear that a dog (Dad loved Labs) might knock him over.  So…  We’re looking for something smaller, equally sweet and older.

The edits on my one book came back and it’s looking good.  The sequel, under way, is at 69K words and it might actually be in final draft by November.  I am not holding my breath, but the possibility is definitely worth celebrating.

Enjoy your weekends, all, celebrate your lives – you’re more fabulous than you think!  (And don’t forget to visit the others on this Blog Hop to  see what they’re celebrating!)