Celebrating: a potpourri of things.

I’m celebrating mundane things today, but I suspect everyone understands.

1.  The end of the work week.  I’ll be seeing friends this weekend and should be enjoying myself.

2.  The near-kitten (age 10 months but as big as my 6 year old) has stopped shouting the house down and is now creeping about and hissing at my Labrador Retriever, the first dog he has ever seen.  He (the kitten) is a sable Burmese and the Lab is a chocolate.  I suspect poor Jimi – the kitten – thinks he has run into the largest Burmese in the world.  Jess – the dog – is happily chomping a bone.  He’s twelve years old.  He hoisted an eyebrow at the kitten and continued chomping.

Not the blog logo-
But she’s certainly festive!

3.  After a truly miserable heat wave, it is cool and I was able to sleep through the night without wondering if I had awakened in the middle of the Khamsin, is it?  Or the Scirocco?  The hot, nasty wind.

4.  I get to wear jeans to the office.  This is supposed to be a fabulous concession on the part of the management.  In my case, it means that I can throw on clothes and tear out of here.

6.   Oh – and I had an idea for a children’s book and will be fiddling with it this weekend.

How about yourselves?  Come join this blog hop and share the little things that make you celebrate!  Or just hop about and see what everyone’s celebrating – and thank VikLit for starting it!