Ah, lunch…

Henry David Thoreau said:

The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation.

A friend of mine said:

…Yes, and some of us lead lives of noisy desperation!

Well, I don’t know if ‘desperation’ has that much to do with it, exactly, but I thought I’d share an account of yesterday’s lunch.  I don’t know if ‘desperation’  fits quite as well as ‘a fit of the giggles’.  You be the judge.

I had a rather interesting lunch.
Went to (high end local) market and bought:

a. about 2 hard boiled eggs (imprecise because they were sliced) and some olives.  Never have I seen eggs with such small yolks.  Made Egg and Olive salad with that.  It was *okay*.

b. Tried their ‘fresh’ sushi.  California roll.  It was *okay* but might have been better with *ripe* cukes in the mix (did you know unripe cukes are chewy?  Or… Hm.  Maybe I ended up eating rubber made to look like cucumbers.  From the Sushi demo models, perhaps.)  and more than a quarter teaspoon of wasabi.  Sturdiest rice I’ve ever seen, too, and they won’t go bankrupt with the amount of sesame seeds they use.  It is supposedly made fresh today.  My guess was that it was assembled in western France at 12:01 AM their time and then flown over here.

c. ½ cup cottage cheese.   If there is ever a concern about the ocean losing its salinity, the nations of the world can find out who made this stuff and dump several shiploads in the water.

d. I am currently eating some ‘original salted’ potato chips.  I salted them.  I may have to stop eating them because they are so crunchy, it sounds like a string of explosions when I chew.  They have just been consigned to the Circular File.

e. I have a container of strawberry banana Greek yogurt waiting for me.  I have high hopes…

(As you can see, I did survive…)