Bits and Pieces…

It has been a somewhat fragmented day.  Things that need doing that didn’t get done.  Mulling over happenings, chuckling at memories.  What a friend would call ‘A mish-mash of a day’.

For example, I’m in the middle of a project.  I generally have several going, but not equally.  There is one main project, then a couple that I might be mulling over during slow moments.

Well, I watched a news story about a senseless killing and an idea came to me.  What happened, where, why – at least what they think is why – how…

It would feature some familiar characters, and one that is mentioned in several books, always with admiration.  A good, impressive man, one who saves lives and hearts, but is one I have never felt capable of handling.  Well, maybe this time.  We’ll see, and there’s no rush.

And while looking through some interesting photos, I caught something that looked familiar. 

Well, well, well…

12 comments on “Bits and Pieces…

  1. Hi Diana .. it's always the why and what for etc ..While – how fascinating your book came up .. Cheers Hilary

  2. Diana Wilder says:

    Thank you, Hilary. Someone said that the accidental encounters are the most meaningful.

  3. Hart Johnson says:

    Oh, I LOVE good projects! And especially when one has been nagging at you for a while and you haven't felt up to it. I hope it's going really well!

  4. Having a mind that makes you wonder about the whys and wherefores of the things you happen to encounter on a daily can be distracting and lead you down all kinds of information rabbit holes, but man! Isn't it FUN?Gee, I believe I recognize the name on that book… Cool! I'll check it out.

  5. Lara Lacombe says:

    Very cool! That must have been a thrill to see 🙂

  6. Heather Musk says:

    I had a bit of a mish-mash day yesterday, not really knowing what to do or what to focus on. It's amazing how therapeutic dancing around the living room with my five year old can be though.That and an afternoon filled with reading has sorted me out a treat.A nice treat for you too in spotting your book 🙂

  7. Diana Wilder says:

    Thanks, Hart! It's going so well, it's joggling my elbow and I've had to tell it to sit down and shut up (even as I jot the ideas). Very happy!

  8. Diana Wilder says:

    Very fun, indeed (and some bloggers – ahem! – do a good job following those ideas and coming out with some truly enjoyable meanderings…

  9. Diana Wilder says:

    I was thrilled that I didn't think “Gads! What an ugly cover!”

  10. Diana Wilder says:

    Dancing with a five year old is one of life's great joys! I remember watching a daddy dancing with his little daughter, her feet on his so they could match steps. I trust it helped you focus!

  11. Diana Wilder says:

    Heather, my dear, what is your blog? I was going to try to follow you.

  12. I can't believe your words or sentences are as bad as you say, because your posts are excellent. Sometimes we're are own worst nightmare -when it comes to reading our own writing. (Because I do the same)

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