Of Mice and (Wo)Men

A Sugar Ant

I came home from a long weekend away to find my cats waiting for me and looking hungry.  It doesn’t matter what arrangements you have made to feed them, a cat or cats will always stand before you, swaying with weakness, uttering faint cries of distress (as their distended bellies, caused by overly solicitous cat-sitters, sway gently from side to side, rather like those of sugar ants).

At any rate, I returned, counted noses, said hello, made certain they had food put out for them, and did a circuit of the house, checking to see that all was well.  Aside from the cries of the starving hordes, all was well. 

I thought. 

Dead Mouse.  RIP.  Caption by Frida

Then I found this:

Now, I don’t think animals are stupid, though I suspect the brain power of a lobster isn’t terribly high.  But you might think that a species that is always getting nailed by hawks, owls, weasels and cats might have some way of communicating the notion that a certain place is not necessarily the best one to slip inside and take a snooze.

Hoboes had a sign that indicated that a generous woman lived in a house:

“Kind Lady”

“Stay away from THIS place!!”

You would think that mice or voles or other such would have a similar sign that warns travelers off:

I’m not sure who left the love token, whether Frida (getting old at 9),

Frida, age 9

Orlando (in the Special forces but a bit of a doofus, 

or Casey (the Maine Coon, a breed famous for producing mousers).
My money is on Casey.  I think Frida wrote the sign, however…

 Myself, I was busy doing battle with some poison ivy that strayed into my yard.  Wonder Woman (yours truly) is fine.