Time’s A-Wasting (IWSG June 3, 2015)

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I used to like a song, quite a few years back, when I was convinced that life was dire and laughter was an accident.  I think it was sung by Connie Stevens.  At any rate, it had a line in it that stayed with me:

(Tick-Tock) If time is so fleeting
(Tick-Tock) Why wait?
(Tick-Tock) Too soon we may find it’s
(Tick-Tock) Too late.

I was still in my teens, was going to be around forever, and like the poet said, I  ‘Shined in my angel infancy’.  I was invincible (well, if my Dad was on my side) I was wise (if I didn’t look too closely at what I did and said) and fabulously talented (like a whole lot of other people).

Time passed, as it will, years passed, and on my last birthday, mulling over things that had happened and would, I hope, happen, it occurred to me that, based on my genetics and my family history, I had perhaps twenty-five (that’s 25) years left to me.

Hm.  That’s not a lot of time to someone who has left their thirties behind.  And I could mention a lot of things that I would love to do, but speaking as a writer, I have to say that my first thought was:  Omigosh!  I have to finish…  And I ticked off, on my fingers, my actual works underway.

That last book of the trilogy I’m working on, with #2 due out soon.  The…let me see…four books that I know of in my Egyptian series.  The notes I’ve assembled for the paranormal mystery set in Philadelphia.  The children’s fable (which, actually, will be coming out in about a month and a half… must get cracking).

And I can dawdle like anyone.  Worse than anyone, in fact.  When would these get written?  And how could I not write them?  I had no time!

No time…

Or do I?

27 comments on “Time’s A-Wasting (IWSG June 3, 2015)

  1. Fundy Blue says:

    This very thought wakes me up in the middle of the night, Diana: Tick Tock! Time is running out! It is such a strange time in life when you recognize that that maybe you won't accomplish this or that, things that you always took for granted when life stretched ahead for decades. I could live another 25 years, but I could also die from a perplexing medical challenge tomorrow. All I know is that life is a gift, and I can just do what I can do. Prioritizing is increasing in importance these days. I find myself saying, “Nah. Probably won't get to that.” and realizing that's okay. I wake up every day grateful for another day of doing what matters most. Have a good one!

  2. M.R. R. says:

    Unfortunately, we do tend to waste time, especially if we think we have a lot of it left.

  3. Diana Wilder says:

    I love your saying 'realizing that's okay'. Because it is. (but I'm still going to get cracking!)

  4. It can be a shock when we look into the future and our mortality hits us. Right in the face! I find it's best not to panic. It may end tomorrow for all we know, but right now, I'm enjoying life and doing my best to write.~Patricia Lynne aka Patricia Josephine~Story DamPatricia Lynne, Indie Author

  5. Beth says:

    Must get cracking to get those things done before we run out of time. But if we spend all our time working toward some future goal, today slips away without us ever noticing. It's a trapeze act, isn't it, trying to balance our time?

  6. With a family of 7 and everyone with varying demands and needs, I *make* time for me. I do! If not, who will?♥.•*¨Elizabeth¨*•.♥

  7. Nick Wilford says:

    You surely do have time! Just need to harness it. I think it's great you have so many projects on the go. When we're younger we think we have all the time in the world… then reality hits, but at least the effect is we then focus on what needs to be done. Good luck!

  8. S.K. Anthony says:

    Tick-Tock indeed, I so hear ya! You have many things cooking, very exciting!

  9. Cherdo says:

    I'm in a “man, time flies” mood, Diana! I posted about registering my youngest for some college classes (he'll take them during his senior year in HS). I can't believe all my kiddos aren't kiddos anymore.

  10. Yvette Carol says:

    I had the same epiphany on the night of my last birthday, when I turned that magical 50!

  11. I understand how you're feeling, because I used to feel the same way. If I took away social media I'd probably have more time. I'm a procrastinator and a good one. I wish you luck to take the bull by the horn and stop dawdling….(I should follow my own advice)

  12. Sandra Cox says:

    Wishing you many years of productivity…..

  13. Lexa Cain says:

    I just had a birthday and you better believe I'm thinking the same things you are! So much to get done and so little time…

  14. Diana Wilder says:

    “I find myself saying, “Nah. Probably won't get to that.” and realizing that's okay”It's great when you get to that point, I know. It's the scrambling to see what you can do that is exhausting. But then comes the realization (with my writing) that I might actually be doing the world a favor NOT to write X story, adding to the overflow of stilly stuff. Thanks for stopping by!

  15. Diana Wilder says:

    …And that's the best way to do it. You really don't know what's coming, bad or good. One moment at a time. (Funny how that leads to some really good work!)

  16. Diana Wilder says:

    'Do I do what I have to do right now? Or should I worry about what might happen and do nothing?' Definitely a trapeze act!

  17. Diana Wilder says:

    It sounds as though you're the 'linch pin' in your family (the one that holds things together). Making time for you is crucial!

  18. Diana Wilder says:

    You're a busy lady, yourself, with all your writing and your family. And your blog. Lots of ways to give enjoyment!

  19. Diana Wilder says:

    I remember the moment, as a late teen, like your son, when I realized that my parents had somehow made the cross-over from being parents to being friends. I still respected them as parents, but the friendship was there, too.

  20. Diana Wilder says:

    Someone told me 'Fifty is the new Thirty!' It sounded nice, but then I remembered my silliness at thirty and decided that older, for me, was better. I just wish I still had my ballet lessons body.

  21. Diana Wilder says:

    My own advice is the hardest to follow, actually. But it's good (as is yours).

  22. Diana Wilder says:

    Thank you, Sandra! And you!

  23. Diana Wilder says:

    thanks, Lexa -I like what you have done, and someone said, 'The later years are best for honing'.

  24. Sandra Cox says:

    Hey, Diana, just stopped by to say thanks for the visit and follow:)Hope you're having a productive day.

  25. It's true. Time definitely does fly, but the good news is we're the pilots, so WE get to decide how to spend that time. I've already defied death a time or two, and I've already surpassed the life spans of far too many of my family members and friends, so I take one day at a time. Each one is a present to unwrap. And even if the clock is ticking like a time bomb, I can't be bothered worrying about something or another I might never complete. C'est la vie. All we can do is our best.

  26. My goodness! I suppose time claims us all eventually. I suppose I'd better get cracking, too…

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