Time’s A-Wasting (IWSG June 3, 2015)

This is my monthly post for IWSG = Insecure Writers’ Support Group (click for the link).  Alex J Cavanaugh (may his tribe increase) started it and it has, for me, provided wisdom, understanding, laughter, and a lot of thought.  Sign up!  Read!

I used to like a song, quite a few years back, when I was convinced that life was dire and laughter was an accident.  I think it was sung by Connie Stevens.  At any rate, it had a line in it that stayed with me:

(Tick-Tock) If time is so fleeting
(Tick-Tock) Why wait?
(Tick-Tock) Too soon we may find it’s
(Tick-Tock) Too late.

I was still in my teens, was going to be around forever, and like the poet said, I  ‘Shined in my angel infancy’.  I was invincible (well, if my Dad was on my side) I was wise (if I didn’t look too closely at what I did and said) and fabulously talented (like a whole lot of other people).

Time passed, as it will, years passed, and on my last birthday, mulling over things that had happened and would, I hope, happen, it occurred to me that, based on my genetics and my family history, I had perhaps twenty-five (that’s 25) years left to me.

Hm.  That’s not a lot of time to someone who has left their thirties behind.  And I could mention a lot of things that I would love to do, but speaking as a writer, I have to say that my first thought was:  Omigosh!  I have to finish…  And I ticked off, on my fingers, my actual works underway.

That last book of the trilogy I’m working on, with #2 due out soon.  The…let me see…four books that I know of in my Egyptian series.  The notes I’ve assembled for the paranormal mystery set in Philadelphia.  The children’s fable (which, actually, will be coming out in about a month and a half… must get cracking).

And I can dawdle like anyone.  Worse than anyone, in fact.  When would these get written?  And how could I not write them?  I had no time!

No time…

Or do I?