July 18, 2014 – Celebrating (the demise of) wisteria

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False advertising!

Today I am celebrating going to war against the wisteria in my back yard. I planted some, years ago,   and now have more than I need. No one told me (and to be honest, I didn’t do my research) that the species is considered invasive and will send runners and roots all over the place. It is strong and insidious, and can take down a castle.

The only structure that can withstand wisteria is in Wales

In fact, Cromwell tried to use it against Harlech castle.  Harlech won that engagement.  But, alas, I don’t live in Harlech castle, so I am off to war.

Wisteria’s true nature!

Wisteria is pretty when it blooms, with cascades of fluttery grape-like blossoms.  The Japanese love it.  I (once) loved it.  Not any more.  The stuff has taken down temples in the jungle, and after considerable research and cursing, I have concluded that it is related to The Blob.

The final annoyance is that it has never once bloomed in my yard.  That has sealed its fate.  …If it does not blob me to death.

I also have chokecherries. (the lookalike weeds, I mean)  They are juicy-stemmed, shoot up like (you guessed it) weeds, and multiply like Hercules’ hydra.

Who cares if it can be used for ink?

The berries can be used in place of ink, but since I only have one fountain pen, inherited from my father, I’m not going to gum up its works, or dye my hands, with the stuff.

But this weekend I am waging war, and I am prepared! 

Off to war!

Enjoy yours, everyone!
(weekend, not war)

(…I certainly hope that my dog does not attack the wisteria and chokecherries with lifted leg before I get at them!…)

So…  What are you celebrating?

Have a great weekend, everyone!