Celebrations, July 4, 2014

Welcome to Friday  and VikLit ‘s blog hop.  We’re celebrating the small things that make our lives richer.

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It’s a good place to go if you need a smile, a chuckle or a ‘hmmm…’

It has been a miserable, wretched really, really lousy week.  It started out well.  I came bouncing into my place of employment, glad to see everyone, and things went south from there.  Grumpy people, people in downright nasty moods, snarking, snarling, finger-pointing.  And I spun my wheels for three days.  Used up quite a lot of tissues, too

Judith Viorst wrote a book about such a time:

I am, however, off today and tomorrow, and I did not need to deal with degenerative snarkosis.  Nor did I have to look at their faces and bite my tongue.  I go into the office tomorrow to get some work done.  (Yes, it’s a holiday, but I’m going to be alone.)

So I am, fighting the mood and sipping some red wine from Burgundy: Moulin A Vent (‘Windmill’ in French, named for the windmill that is visible from the vineyards).

It does appear to be helping.

Have a great weekend, everyone!