Celebrating a Break in the Weather

It is Friday and time to enjoy VikLit ‘s blog hop that highlights small celebrations, the things that we tend to ignore unless something or someone joggles our elbows and says, LOOK!

Today I am celebrating not only the end of the work week (though the fact that I have work during these difficult times is a celebration in itself) but also the fact that Ye Olde  Wizzardes Who Thinke They Hath Ye Means To Foretell Ye Weather are predicting a cooler weekend.

My dog won’t sit around and pant so much, I can pull a blanket up to my shoulder, and I can even wear a bathrobe, which for me is a necessity, whether or not I will roast in it.

I hope they are right.

What are you celebrating?  Why don’t you join us?  The link is below!


10 comments on “Celebrating a Break in the Weather

  1. M.J. Fifield says:

    I'm celebrating all of the awesome people who helped out with my cover reveal this week. Such an amazing group!Enjoy your weekend—and thanks again!

  2. cleemckenzie says:

    I think we had our summer in March. Now we're back to almost spring here in northern CA.

  3. Anoosha says:

    Fridays are always special since its the day where our work week ends. Hope you have wonderful weekend 🙂

  4. Good job for persevering during the hard times, Diana. It means when the good times come, you'll appreciate them even more. Have a great weekend.

  5. L.G. Keltner says:

    “Ye Olde Wizzardes Who Thinke They Hath Ye Means To Foretell Ye Weather”-this made me laugh so hard! Thanks for that!Have a great weekend!

  6. Lara Lacombe says:

    I hope you do get some cooler weather–it's always a delight in the summer! 🙂

  7. Lexa Cain says:

    Yay for cooler weather! Sadly, there's none of that where I live – Egypt. It's been hotter this summer than any before, and summer's only half over. Have a good weekend! 🙂

  8. Oh some cooler weather would be nice here. It's unbearable out there!

  9. If you want cooler weather, you could come to my place. It's pretty cold here in NZ today…. I could do with a little summer.

  10. Rhonda Albom says:

    I totally forgot to do a celebrate post this week. Too bad. I will save mine for next week. We are having cooler weather too, but we are in winter.

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