Fireflies – (June 13, 2014 Celebrations)

Welcome to Friday!  This post is part of the blog hop  that Vikki at VikLit thought of well over a year ago. 

Here we pause to celebrate the small things that together make our lives richer.  

The hop is still open if you want to join, and it has drawn a wonderful group that posts, remembers, celebrates and just generally supports and cheers you on.

Today I am celebrating one of summer’s perennial surprises.  You know: the sort of joy that you forget from year to year, making each new encounter seem as though it is the first.  This always comes as a surprise to me, and it sifts down in several ways to make it memorable each time I encounter it.

I am speaking of what we call ‘fireflies’.

They are modest little things, sober-colored insects with that splash of red.  There always comes a point in late spring when I step outside, gaze up a hill  in the deepening twilight, and see, like a handful of stars thrown on the hillside, flickering points of golden light, drifting in the light breeze, rising up into the tree tops.

When visiting my grandmother in Vermont (far northeast United States for those who are not from North America) I can remember driving back from getting ice cream and watching, enthralled, as the forests seemed to flicker with light.

Just two nights ago, one of them was perched on my window screen.  I fell asleep to the gentle, flickering glow.

This weekend, the sporadic showers and the mosquitoes willing, I will be sitting on my porch and watching them against the stars.

How about you?  What are you celebrating? 

The information on the hop is below.  Why don’t you join and tell us?