Small Celebrations, October 4, 2013

Today is Friday, time to celebrate the small things or, if you like, to invite others to join us in celebrating our small things.  There’s a linky list at the bottom of this post: why don’t you look around, enjoy the celebrations and – maybe?  – sign up yourself. VikLit is a wonderful hostess and we have lots of fun.

I am currently enjoying and celebrating a nice, hot cup of tea with milk, my morning drink of choice.  It truly helps get the day going, and I like it strong:

Today I’m celebrating my favorite season – Autumn – and the various views I enjoy driving to work or just walking through my neighborhood.


On a more mundane front, I’m celebrating my new book cover (the old one was somewhat lacking) and the fact that I’m working on a story I’ve loved for years but had on the shelf for a long time:

Old cover:

New Cover: 


…And it’s a weekend, or will be, and I’ll be visiting my mother and helping her to shop for cars.  Something else to celebrate: she is a ladylike Holy Terror to car salesmen who think they can take advantage of elderly widows!

13 comments on “Small Celebrations, October 4, 2013

  1. I love autumn too! Your pic is gorgeous. I like to new cover,draws to eye. And shame to people who take advantage of the elderly, it also happened with my mom at the DMV! Have a wonderful weekend, Diana.

  2. S.K. Anthony says:

    Wow!What a breathtaking picture. I love it 😉

  3. Sharon Himsl says:

    Nice covers, and the story and period sounds so promising. Can't wait to hear more. Enjoy those autumn walks…the colors really are gorgeous!

  4. Good for your mom! 🙂 The cover does call more to the imagination. And I have to say, what a gorgeous picture of the various autumn hues. Writer’s Mark

  5. The new cover is way nicer, Diana! Beautiful! But wow, that photo???? GORGEOUS. That belongs on the wall in a gorgeous frame, all the better to enjoy in the dead of January.

  6. what a great picture! Just started with the celebrating the small things – blogging, and I love the blogs (like yours) that I am running into – have a great day

  7. VikLit says:

    What a beautiful picture!

  8. Lara Lacombe says:

    Fall is my favorite season as well–that's a gorgeous picture!Congrats on the new book cover–it looks great! 🙂

  9. Ava Quinn says:

    Go get 'em Diana's mama! Great cover and yay autumn!!

  10. Hi Diana .. gosh you will have had a fun time with those car salesmen over the weekend – hope a successful purchase was accomplished.I'd rather it was Spring with Summer following! But the autumn colours are wonderful and we've had the most glorious day here .. warm and sunny – lucky us.Cheers to you – enjoy those drives through the russet leaves … Hilary

  11. Great new cover, and a pen name? *gasp* You know, I love this Friday meme, but I'm such a rebel I never sign up for these things. Fear of commitment? Maybe. Unwillingness to commit to something I'll probably stress out about? Definitely. Love the Autumn pictures. *sigh* Ah, the sights we miss in Florida…

  12. Sherry Ellis says:

    I love that gorgeous fall picture! Autumn is my favorite season, too!

  13. Liz Blocker says:

    YES! I love that autumn picture! It's making me want to abandon the computer and go for a hike…. I'll celebrate that!

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