Small Celebrations – Little Things

Another Friday is here and I’m thinking of the small things I’m celebrating at this moment:

I just poured boiling water into a cup with a teabag.  Bewley’s Irish Morning tea.  Not Fortnum & Mason, or other such, but strong, straightforward and bracing.  It will taste good.

I woke up this morning to find Orlando curled up by my pillow and purring.  Not Orlando Bloom (but then, he needs to bench-press a few dozen pounds regularly to suit my taste) but Orlando a Burmese cat who likes to be a pirate:

Lando is quite the fellow, and he also serves as a full colonel in the United States Army Special Forces (Green Beret).  He was recently deployed to Afghanistan, and when he returned for rest and recreation, he confessed to a sudden and profound yen for shish kebab and mountains.  He does look on the bright side, and he’s a fairly uncomplicated fellow, so awakening to the sound of him purring beside my pillow was something to celebrate.  (Also the fact that he hasn’t tried to bite me during our photography sessions.  But I digress.)

So what sort of celebration is this?  That people can see these silly photos and not decide that I am certifiable?  Perhaps.  Worth celebrating.

It is also Friday, and I’ll be doing some gardening on a weekend that is supposed to have temperatures in the 70’s.

Oh – and I can finish my Liebster Award post (thank you, Ms. Haugh) and get that posted as well.

Now to go put milk in that tea.