To Err is Human. To Really Foul Up…

Finish the sentence…

(Hint:  …Requires a Computer…)

It is very true.

I was up till 1AM last night updating A Killing Among the Dead (which, by the way, is free today through Saturday on Amazon – Grab a copy HERE   It’s part of my wind-up for the release of Mourningtide  at the end of the month.  Next week I’ll be interviewing the Main Character.  Should be interesting: he’s a King) and I started getting messages from my computer – amazing how smug they sound, too –

We Cannot Display The Website…

(…and you know darned well that they are adding the inaudible rider You Blithering Idiot…  )

WHAT???  (I am never at my best at 1AM)  I have everything done right!  Can’t you READ CODE???

It seems to be resolving without my having to resort to hurling my laptop out the window, but at the moment a cruise to the South Pacific might just be what I need to chill out.

What was I doing?  Adjusting the cover graphics for my book. 

Here it is.

(Sigh.  And to think I consider writing relaxing and graphics work energizing…)

Have a wonderful day, folks!