I is for… I Know You’re Out There Somewhere…

I is for…


I have always loved the Moody Blues.  I encountered them my freshman year in college when I bought one of their albums.  It turned out not to be one of their better ones, though it had some good songs.  The ones I liked best were generally written by Justin Hayward.  Today’s selection was written by him as a sequel to Once Upon a Time in Your Wildest Dreams.

That song tells the story of a man remembering his first love and wondering if she rememebers him.  Today’s song is a linear continuation of the song, where he decides to try to find her…

I’m going to cheat a little.  Today’s selection is the sequel to one of their top hits.  Rather than present them out of order, (and to avoid running on at the mouth – or do I mean fingertips’? – I have embedded the videos.  Enjoy them. (but do watch them in order…)

This one first:

Then watch:

10 comments on “I is for… I Know You’re Out There Somewhere…

  1. Hart Johnson says:

    You know… had you asked me to come up with a Moody Blues song, Knights in White Satin is the only one I could have conjured. Their psychadelic era is more striking to me, but I remember these songs, too. I like their sound. I just like their earlier stuff better than their more pop stuff.

  2. I love the Moody Blues and James Taylor. Saw James in concert once. Puts on a great show.

  3. Love the Moody Blues, saw them in concert in the mid-70's. I waited long enough and that someone, somewhere found me. Thanks for the memories.

  4. Moody Blues is fabulous!

  5. Al Diaz says:

    Diane, your choices have been all wonderful but this one has brought so many memories today. Thank you!

  6. Mina Lobo says:

    Aw, “Once Upon a Time in My Wildest Dreams” takes me back…what a romantic tune. 🙂Some Dark Romantic

  7. Sharon Himsl says:

    Aw…very nice, Diana. Good selection!

  8. loverofwords says:

    Blues are wonderful, and at the right time can really help.

  9. Diana Wilder says:

    A lot of people did, it appears. I do think the album with Nights in White Satin (Days of Future Passed) was perhaps their best effort. The first rock symphony, I think… Oh, my. Now I'm humming 'Tuesday Afternoon'

  10. Diana Wilder says:

    James in concert… I'd love that! Thanks for stopping!

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