Dream Date…..

You can feel the longing pulsing through you…  Your breath comes swiftly through parted lips…  You have always dreamed of this moment, longed for it and yet, half-shamed, never felt that you could admit the longing to anyone.

…And yet – and yet perhaps the time has come…

You sit back and close your eyes.  Your fingertips tingle with the thought of touching, savoring…

You open your eyes, look to see if anyone is watching, and then sit back again, sighing.

It’s nice to dream, but what’s the reality?

You scan the message – a brief meeting, the chance, almost, to fly –

But is it worth it?

Your imagination has always been supple.  You follow yourself on the day it is to happen – your pounding heart, your shaky knees…  The glances of envy from your friends.  Such a short time, but to touch that power…

You look at the words again, form them silently, and then shake your head sadly.  It isn’t to be.  It’s too costly and too brief.  It might break your heart.

…and yet, you linger until, wearily, you surrender to your common sense and turn away.

Three laps is not long enough – even if it is a Lamborghini Gallardo.  Perhaps, when you win the lottery, you can own one – instead of paying $100 to drive one for ten minutes…

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