A Writer’s Mission

This is a statement made by the author, P. L. Blair.  I think it perfectly (and elegantly) expresses an author’s mission, or at least my perception of it:
What is a writer’s mission?

…another mistake made by fools – to ever think our readers will – or for that matter should – “settle” for anything less than the best we can give them.

Here’s my personal bottom line as an author: I’m telling you – my reader – a story. I want to immerse you totally in that story. I don’t want you to be aware of me as an author; I want to be invisible to you while you’re reading (although, if you happen to remember me after you close the book – and want to go find other books I’ve written, I won’t mind …) I want you completely involved in the lives of the characters in that book.

So, for me, if I do anything that pulls you out of that story … if you falter because of misspelled words, if punctuation (or lack thereof) causes confusion, if … well, if anything happens to confuse you or pull you out of the story, even for only a second or two … Then I have failed.

                                        – – P. L. Blair