Happy Valentine’s Day! (A post from Frida)

Good evening, all.  I’m Frida, Mom’s little cat (she has another, who is nearly 19 and a total doofus)  She has mentioned me once or twice, calling me a ‘Writer’s Block’, which is not funny.

At the moment Mom is outside with a pickaxe:

Mom’s Ice Removal Implement

 a snow shovel:

There  has to be a better way to exercise…

Paddock Boots (designed for winter riding)

Oh la-la!  Ceux sont tellement chic!

And an excellent vocabulary to use in addressing the Snow plows that come by and bury the driveway just as she has finished shoveling:

This truck appears to be named ‘You Blasted STINKER!’

Since she is otherwise occupied, I will simply extend what I know are her wishes for a happy Valentine’s day for all who celebrate it.  I regret that all I have is a Valentine she did of me and a friend.  But the thought is there.

And here it is: 

…oh, dear…  She just came stamping in, kicked off her boots and said something through her teeth about writing a fight scene!