Celebrating Small Things

I’m celebrating the small things – the little victories, the moments that make you catch your breath, smile and move on. I remember an advertisement for something – I forget what it was (canned beans? frankfurters? does it matter?) that included a song that went:
Simple pleasures are the best –
All the little things that make you smile and crow!
All the things you know…
Life’s simple pleasures are the best…
Are the best in all the world.
Simple pleasures are the best.

This is a blog hop – weekly for now – suggested by VikLit (you’ll like her blog!) as a way to commemorate our little victories week to week.

This week I’m celebrating finally getting on a schedule of regularly scooping my cats’ litterboxes. 

(Please accept my apologies for making you spit coffee over your screens.  I assure you it was not intentional.)   But you see, scooping cat litter is my idea of the sort of thing you are forced to do in the Gulag.   I always feel like Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, weeping copious tears into his beard – I don’t have one, so must make do with my bathrobe – as he maneuvers the slotted scoop under the clumps, grimacing at the smell and wailing in dismay as his hand shakes and he drops a load of damp crumblies all over his bare toes.  Why his toes are bare at the Gulag is beyond me, but mine are bare when I scoop litter, so I will extend the comparison.

But this week – finally – I said ‘If it’s worth doing it’s worth doing well!’, rolled up my sleeves, assembled a large plastic bucket, lined it with trash bags and started scooping.  I’m not sure my cats believe I’m really doing it on a regular basis.  One – the big, old fellow, black with white whiskers – went tearing out of the room, bug-eyed.

THAT is my small thing to celebrate.  Where’s the caviar?  (Did they offer that in the Gulag?  No – probably vodka and pickles.  Nasty ones.)

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