Sunday Thoughts

Daffodil Hill in Litchfield, Connecticut

At last, some time to catch my breath.  I have been out of things with this A to Z challenge – too many things came together at once and it was all I could do for the past week to get my posts out. 

Now I can go back, visit other blogs, enjoy things – there is so much variety – one woman I follow has crocheted flowers (here’s her blog: )  Really creative – and I may end up making a bouquet of crocheted flowers to display.

It is early spring, the weeping willow sapling is leafing out (the first green haze of willows is one of my ‘markers’ for the advent of spring), the sky is blue – and my feet are freezing.  Just because it is spring, I don’t have to give up on having a nice fire in my wood-burning stove.

…and there’s a nice, hot cuppa waiting.

Ah…  Sundays…!  I hope yours are good!