Small Celebrations, May 23, 2014

Welcome to Friday and the Small Celebrations blog hop, started by VikLit.  We all sit back, take stock (Fridays are good for that) and notice the little things that make our lives happy, that make us smile, or that give a moment’s joy.

The information on the hop is below.  Why don’t you join?  Or, at least, visit the various posts and smile.

Today I am celebrating two rather small things.  Aside from a soft, spring rain that is making the grass green (and, unfortunately, making it grow!)

Shining Brightly

The photo of the spring rain did not turn out well.  It looked rather like the view you get through your reading glasses after handling them with hands that just boned a roasted chicken (smeary, I mean).

So we are celebrating two other things.

This is a hydrangea of a particularly bright pink.  It is bright even on a rainy day.  I forgot I had it, since I don’t generally go in my own front door.  Imagine my surprise when I saw this beautiful plant glowing in early twilight:

…and doesn’t the pink go beautifully with the handmade pot? 

Once it is gone by,  I will be putting it in the ground by the front door.  With any luck (and some good feeding) it will bloom again next year.

…And I am posting about a small celebration.  I’ve mentioned her before.  I think I called her an attractive nuisance.  She answers to ‘Princess’, though her name is ‘Frida’.  She is also referred to as ‘Little Miss Mess’.  And she is a very sweet illustration of a bit of poetry by Katherine Lee Bates:

Little Miss Mess, the Attractive Nuisance

Dawn love is silver
Wait for the west
Old love is gold love –
Old love is best

Frida celebrated her tenth birthday this month.  She is healthy, lively, in good flesh – but she is more than half the maximum age she is likely to reach.  (Burmese cats tend to be long-lived)  The time has passed so swiftly, and she is my best little girlfriend.

So what are you celebrating?

Celebrations – March 21, 2014

Time to celebrate the things that go unnoticed!  

VikLit had the idea for this Friday blog that celebrates the small things that often go unnoticed.  I often read the posts and reflect that I had never noticed the things  baing mentioned.  Once I see what they are, I find myself celebrating, too.

Join us!  Details are at the end of this post.

Today is the first full day of spring.  We all remember spring, don’t we?  Especially after such a dreadful winter as this has been?

The season of sprouting flowers, of flotillas of Canada geese and songbirds returning home…  I heard birds outside my window after the silence of winter, and I smiled.

Down south (in the US) the magnolias and azaleas are beginning to bloom.  I remember strolling beneath Spanish moss-festooned branches and filling my sight with magenta azaleas.

I am also celebrating morning tea.  Usually slightly sweetened and well-milked.  I drink two or three cups each morning.  It’s especially good when I remember to drink it while it is hot.

What else?  the cold is easing up, but I can still enjoy a fire.  There is something about watching flames that speaks of comfort and celebration.  It does help if you are not cursed with the ability to put out any fire you encounter, even if it is begun with gasoline and dry pitch pine.  I have several acquaintances with that ability.

And another celebration – all of you .  It is good to read what is posted and see smiles through your eyes.