Small Celebrations May 29,2015: a Small Vacation and a Large Doofus

This is the Celebrating the Small Things blog hop, started by VikLit and now run by Lexa Cain, our fearless leader and her two wonderful co-hosts L.G. Keltner @ Writing Off The Edge and Katie @ TheCyborgMom.

Over the years this wonderful hop has made lots of people pause, consider, smile, often laugh outright and, maybe, mist up.  I think gratitude often has a touch of tears to it.

Map of the coast of Maine, with Boothbay at center
View from my hotel

Today (meaning Friday, May 29) I am celebrating by driving about 250 miles north and east to the Maine coast, to visit Boothbay harbor.  The Maine coast is full of inlets and islands, perfect to moor a boat or explore.  I encountered Boothbay quite by accident on early June day when I agreed to travel to a Maine-based potter (Edgecomb Potters, founded by a man and his wife who grew tired of teaching and became potters.  And very fine ones they are, too.  Nice people, as well. 

View of the little church in Boothbay

As it happened, they had a store just up the coast from Boothbay, and when I was through  transacting my mother’s business (“Would you pick up a birthday gift for your sister, dear?  I have an idea for it, and you know the area.  Thank you so much!”) I drove into the little harbor town and stopped at a restaurant to have a bite of lunch.  Would I like to sit on the terrace?  Yes, I thought I would.    

So I disposed my bags and boxes, straightened – and looked out into a little harbor in mid-afternoon sun.  The water sparkled like diamonds, in the middle distance a sloop was heeling over in the cool wind, and the pines were dancing in the breeze.  I’m afraid I fell in love.

I’ve gone back nearly every year.  Tomorrow is the day.  By the way, the photo at the top is the view from what will be my deck in the old, refurbished house.

As the ads say, “I need it bad.”  What are you celebrating?