Celebrations, July 25, 2014 – Reading

Welcome to VikLit ‘s blog hop, celebrating the things we tend to overlook, that make our lives richer.

The information on the hop is below.  Why don’t you join us? 

Today I am celebrating catching up.  The past four weeks have been too crowded to accomplish many of the things I had wanted to do, including keeping up with my blogging friends and holding up my end of a promise. 

So I am celebrating sitting back and reading.  And commenting.

It should be most enjoyable.


Celebrations – June 20, 2014

Welcome to Friday  and VikLit ‘s blog hop.  We’re celebrating the small things that make our lives richer.

The information on the hop is below.  Why don’t you join?  Or, at least, visit the various posts and smile.

…And today I am celebrating…
This means the folks on this hop, the people who jot down their thoughts now and then because they want to share, those who have an interest that they think is just absolutely cool and they can’t stop talking about it.
There are those who assemble the most fascinating bits of information and provide a background to help us understand the information, those who have a skill, be it crocheting (one on the A to Z blog fest had a theme involving  crocheting all sorts of flowers)  or travelogues. 
Cooking, being a parent, adjusting to country life, job-hunting, chronicling their writing endeavors, reviewing books and, through all of them, giving an incredibly rich picture of people.
I have been honored to co-host this hop, along with two others, and the time has been truly eye-opening.  It’s been a ‘wow!’ experience.
So here’s to bloggers – people to celebrate!  (And I’m going to try to visit every single blogger on the hop list over the next week.  Fun!)
Have a great weekend, everyone!


Celebrating… You!

Today I’m raising a glass / smiling while contemplating / cheering for / quietly appreciating something truly worth celebrating.  For me, anyhow:


I started blogging a while back just for something to do.  It was enjoyable – and then I started meeting other people who had blogs about all sorts of things – families, crocheting, collections of inspiring snippets, whether about the Chelsea Flower Show or travel.  Writers who do other things than shout about buying their books.  Helpful people, enjoyable people, people I would probably invite to my home for dinner.  Once it was cleaned to my satisfaction.

People celebrating, people sharing, people just being…people.

You’re worth celebrating, folks!

This blog hop is the brainchild of the delightful VikLit, whose blog is well worth visiting whether or not it’s Friday and you are celebrating.  Every week that participants can, they stop, take stock, recognize that life is full of small celebrations that go unnoticed, and they celebrate.  The participants are on the list – look around – celebrate!  And maybe join?  You’d be welcome!http://www.linkytools.com/basic_linky_include.aspx?id=179014