A Little Visual Refreshment…

I’m back from Maine with two photos to refresh everyone:

What is lovelier than a schooner on a sparkling sea in late afternoon?

And then, along the seaside walk, this view:

Seaside Rock Sculptures

 Note the rock sculpture in the middle left of this photo.  They appeared all along this stretch.  I found myself wondering how they were anchored – a re-bar down through the center, maybe?   Who knows?

I have scads more to go through.  It will take a while, though, since I put my camera’s shutter on ‘automatic’ while photographing the surf against the rocks.  I suspect I’ll be doing a lot of deleting…

Refreshment for the Soul

Someone sent me a link to this presentation some years ago.  It is a virtual tour of a Chinese landscape scroll ‘Along The River During the Ching-Ming Festival’.  This is a theme and depiction that is considered a classic, and the Imperial Palace Museum has at least six similar scrolls.

This one has been digitized (if that’s a word) and the link will take you to a panorama of the scroll.

Move your mouse to the left and the scroll will unroll before you.  You can control the speed.  From time to time you will encounter an area enclosed by a square.  If you click on it, the scene will open into a three-dimensional, animated vignette.  It is very cleverly done, and too beautiful not to share.

Here is the link:

Along the River during the Ching-Ming Festival

…and here is a snapshot from the scroll: