A Repairing Lease

If you read Regency novels (not just romances) you will run into the term ‘Repairing Lease’.

As in, “I saw Dick Rackham yesterday.  He told me he is going on a repairing lease.  He’ll be back when The Season starts.”

The term means that the subject is taking rest and relaxation in a quiet place. Perhaps it is because Mr. Rackham gambled too much and his pockets are to let.  Perhaps Mr. Rackham was jilted by the lady he wished to marry, and his heart is broken.  Or perhaps Mr. Rackham is simply worn out by times, events, worries, concerns and projects and, in modern terms, has realized that he is spinning his wheels and needs to rest.
Whatever Mr. Rackham’s reasons for the move, Miss Wilder begs to inform all that she is going on a ‘Repairing Lease’ for two months.  She hopes to be back in April.  She will try to participate in IWSG. 
She hopes that her absence will not offend, worry or puzzle anyone.  She has simply realized that her strength has run out for the moment and she needs to catch her breath and close her eyes.