Celebrations – April 3, 2015

Welcome to the April 3 edition of the Celebrating the Small Things blog hop, started by VikLit and now run by Lexa Cain, our fearless new leader and her two wonderful co-hosts L.G. Keltner @ Writing Off The Edge
Katie @ TheCyborgMom

I am celebrating several things, in ascending order:

  1. This has been a busy week and I accomplished a great deal (for myself)
  2. Winter is broken and yesterday I saw the first shoots of daffodils.  I know we have crocuses coming up at the front of the house, purple and yellow.
  3. Writing is coming along well, I’m finishing my first finished draft of VENGEANCE, which is the second book in my Paris 1834 series, and…
  4. Today is the beginning of the days leading to Easter, a day I love.  It is, as well, the first day of Passover.  

 I’m home alone this weekend with a real yen to cook and (I gasp at this admission from a confirmed ‘pantser’) to actually do a chapter outline of this story and the next in the series, as well as my other, Egyptian work in progress.  I’ve done this in a desultory fashion (hm…  A word I can use in my going-along-with-the-A to Z-blog-fest-when-I-have-the-time.  No, wait.  D, for me, is Decorated Capital.  Ah, well.

Joy, good weather and blessings to all of you.  Have a wonderful weekend!


15 comments on “Celebrations – April 3, 2015

  1. L.G. Keltner says:

    Congratulations on your writing! It's always a wonderful feeling when things are going well. This is going to be a busy weekend for my family. In addition to celebrating Easter, we're also celebrating my son's 6th birthday.Have a great weekend!

  2. Finishing a draft is always something to celebrate. Even when you know there is more work ahead with the next one….

  3. Hurray for finishing, Diana! A new draft is definitely worth celebrating. Happy Easter!

  4. Mmm. I love spring!Elizabeth MuellerAtoZ 2015My Little Pony

  5. PS–congrats on finishing your first draft to the second book! It's always exciting to accomplish that. ❤

  6. Cherdo says:

    Daffodils! They're everywhere but my yard. 😦

  7. Lexa Cain says:

    It's great to hear that all your writing is going well (my WIP is sadly neglected atm). If you need any info about Egypt (modern, not pharaonic), you can write me anytime. Happy Easter!

  8. Diana Wilder says:

    That's busy, all right! 6 years old is such a fun age. They are 'grown up' enough to know when their legs are being pulled, but young enough to think that maybe they're wrong. I 'sailed around the world' with a six-year-old named Graham. It took place in his mother's living room, involved me on a couch, Graham on a kitchen-type chair, and both our imaginations. I should write it down and use it in a story or a blog post…I hope your celebrations – both of them – are wonderful!

  9. Diana Wilder says:

    Thanks, Kate -I think breaking things into steps really does make it easier to handle. As you said, a finished draft probably necessitates another draft – but hey, I finished it! Great point!

  10. Diana Wilder says:

    Happy Easter to you, too! I hope yours is one with family and friends and good food!

  11. Diana Wilder says:

    My favorite! I just noticed that a plant I thought had frozen in the harsh winter – a double-petaled Rose of Sharon – not only survived, bt is thriving!

  12. Diana Wilder says:

    At least you don't have skunk cabbage! One of my friends used to wax poetic over skunk cabbage. Apparently I have no understanding or soul.

  13. Diana Wilder says:

    thank you, Lexa – that is a generous offer that I may well take you up on. Happy Easter!

  14. M.R. R. says:

    Getting stuff done is a good reason to celebrate.

  15. Lady Jai says:

    Hope you had a beautiful Easter! I love Spring, for the promise of life, color, and hope! Thanks for sharing and congrats on your celebrations!Jamie Dement (LadyJai)Caring for My Veteran

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