Celebrations January 30, 2014 Celebrating…people.

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Welcome to the January 30 edition of the Celebrating the Small Things blog hop, started by VikLit and now run by Lexa Cain, our fearless new leader and her two wonderful co-hosts L.G. Keltner @ Writing Off The Edge
Katie @ TheCyborgMom

I recently became involved in Pinterest.  I love images, and I tend to be visually inclined.  Put something in the form of a picture or image, and I can grasp it much better.

Renaissance Florentine man

I set up a board called ‘Handsome fellows’ and have put there images through the ages of men that I might call ‘handsome’.  I imagine there are some surprises.  But to celebrate beauty through the ages is surely not foolish, and I have derived a great deal of enjoyment from these pictures.  …And they have made me think.

Some of them could be people I might meet over a cup of coffee and, perhaps, try to draw out in conversation.

Some of them are simply worth looking at and dreaming over.  …though I could say that about many people.  This man, for example, was an artist who painted some splendid depictions of heroes from the past.  That snub nose and the lurking smile make me want to ask him what it is that has him so interested and amused.

And this gentleman with the calm regard and the folded lips, as though he is keeping his impressions to himself.  A handsome man of substance and quality…  The neatly queued hair, the well-cut suit in that rich, bronze-red.  There is a lot I would like to know about him…

Or you could look at other faces and wonder about what lies behind this dark, brooding man.  Possibly a riotous sense of humor.  It would be most amusing to take one’s friends quite by surprise…

We are all mysteries, and the question remains:  who are you, sir?  Where do you come from?  And why are you as you are?  are you, like the rest of us, a mystery to be enjoyed and pondered?

Or…just perhaps…the friend we wish we had met, so that we could touch another and learn and enjoy?

We are, in the final analysis, mysteries.  To others, to ourselves.  Endlessly fascinating, always new and beautiful.