Small Celebrations, May 16, 2014

It’s Friday again, and we’re stopping, taking stock of things and celebrating the small, things that you don’t think merit an entire bottle of Champagne...  Until you get started thinking.

So, today.

I’m looking out the window and seeing that my next door neighbor mowed her lawn.  That is a good thing.  She does it regularly, right down the rather steep hill to my lawn.  What’s worth celebrating about this?

Well…  Dare I confess it to the world this Friday morning?  The fact that she was mowing down the side of the hill is a triumph worth celebrating.  I think it was celebrated with some champagne, now that I remember it.

Neighbors: mine are nice, most of them.  In this case, however, the neighbors there got it into their heads that the side of the hill to their house was ours.  I guess they did not read the specs of the property.  With that supposition, they did a number of things.

1.  They talked ‘at’ me about how the large oak just up the hill from the hill needed some work.

2.  When a windstorm blew branches of the oak down, their landscapers piled the branches on my fence and broke it.

3.  They stopped mowing the hill and let it get terrifically weedy.

All of this was without directly saying to me that the hill and tree and whatever else were on my property.  It was, in fact, a textbook illustration of passive aggression.

I mulled over the best way to approach things. I don’t like conflict.  Smiles make me happy.  …and then a survey team appeared on the property.  And they politely asked me if I minded if they went on my property.  I did not.

And now that hillside has been mowed.  It took a lot of effort on a hot day, t’other day.

They still haven’t come to me to say who owns that tree that is right-smack-over-the-property-line-by-a-good-twenty-feet.

I’ll mow my lawn tonight when I bring home my new mower, another thing to celebrate.

…and if they actually ask me, I’ll suggest we chip in together to get the tree dealt with.

OH! – and I’ll be reading everyone else’s posts, too.  Thank you, VikLit!