Fifty States of Pray – From Connecticut

My name is Diana Wilder and I am living in the state of Connecticut.   

I saw this blog hop, started by Mark Koopmans  which ties in with a good many things I had been considering over the past year.  I did not see the blog instructions until after I entered the hop.  Residents of Connecticut are sometimes called ‘Nutmegs’.  Drop the ‘megs’ and perhaps you have a good description of me, at least regarding reading instructions first thing in the morning. 

A man I chatted with once, who worked as a counselor, had this to say about past regrets: 

You have to think of your life as a sort of building.  Its construction continues while you live, and each happening adds to it.  Your past is in the lower courses of the building, and no matter how much you may regret it, it is there and without it the building would not be what it is now.  Concentrate on what is being done now: that is all you can do.  And it is enough.

I have dealt with the aftermath of my father’s death over the past year and a half.  His burial was two weeks ago.  During that time I found countless reasons to give thanks that that man had been my father.

Can it be so for us?  That people will count their contact with us as blessings?  I think so, and I am going to do what I can to make it so.  I am also looking at those I deal with using new eyes, seeing who they truly are, what burdens they bear, and how they have touched my life for good.  And if I see no good in an association from the past (I can name two complete scoundrels who seemed to like to wreck people) I will let go any bitterness and pray for them.

It doesn’t take much to spread kindness.  This video (I hope the link works) expresses it very well:

I wish everyone on this hop, and everyone who reads the posts, the most blessed and happy of years to come.