Friday Celebrations – Chocolate Cakes, Baking and Ahhhhhhs

Welcome to Friday celebrations.  thanks to VikLit, who conceived of this blog hop (and finally signed up for it…) we pause every Friday to think about the small things to celebrate, and share them with others.

I am celebrating something that happened yesterday, but which is pertinent for today because I have the other half of the item that caused the celebration at home with me and ready to be devoured.

You see, I like to cook, and I especially enjoy baking.  I ran across a ‘Chocolate Stout Cake’ conceived by a local brewery, that is three layers of magnificent chocolate goodness and iced with a dark chocolate ganache.  It is very chocolatey but not horribly sweet, which is a good thing.
The cake is the invention of The Barrington Brewery, a Massachusetts establishment that is well worth visiting.

Click on the photo to go to the site..

I was enjoying what the British might call a ‘Plowman’s lunch’ and happened to look over and see a splendid chocolate cake.  ‘Chocolate Stout Cake’.  Hmmm…  I was too full to consider it, but I remembered it.  When I ran across a request for the recipe printed in a gourmet magazine Bon Appetit, I snapped it up and made it.
Click on THIS to go to the recipe.

A lovely recipe.  It sets up in about twenty minutes, cooks beautifully, can be halved or quartered without any trouble and, if you have the self-control of an angel, gets better if you can put off eating it for a couple days.

I made one of them yesterday and brought it in to my office.

I work with some blase’ people.  No reaction, no enthusiasm, at least around my area.  But there was little reaction…until I took it into the lunch room. 

It is so lovely to watch people enjoying something you offered.  One fellow, who looked rather like a Hillbilly, saw the cake, zoomed right over saying ‘woo-HOOOO!’, cut himself a slice and ate it, smiling beatifically.  He did not know that the chef was standing by.

Isn’t that what it is all about?  In everything we offer?  Making something we think is wonderful and hoping that others enjoy it, as well?  It is nice if they know who you are and thank you, but the beatific smiles are sufficient.

I’m still smiling, and it’s Friday – and I’m driving down to visit my mother.  Cheers, all – have a wonderful weekend and enjoy your own blessings!

7 comments on “Friday Celebrations – Chocolate Cakes, Baking and Ahhhhhhs

  1. Oh, that cake looks positively delicious!

  2. Sharon Himsl says:

    Oh, how yummy, Diana, and it is dinner time here. Hubby and I split a chocolate cake at our favorite coffee haunt recently. Heavenly. Don't dare bake it though…too many calories!!

  3. Hi Diana .. how fun .. and lovely to see their non-reaction and then get the proper reaction .. people are amazing – your work colleagues! not those in the lunch room ..Sounds a great recipe too … gungy chocolate is always good … Have a peaceful weekend with your mother .. and I hope you're taking some cake with you … cheers Hilary

  4. It certainly is about sharing – and the recipe is the next best thing! Thank you very much! (And for the lovely comment on my blog.)

  5. Lara Lacombe says:

    Sounds like a fabulous cake–I'm glad your co-workers appreciated your efforts! Have a safe trip to your mom's, and I hope you enjoy the weekend with her!

  6. Inge H. Borg says:

    Diana, you are supposed to be nice to your friends – not making them fat! Suddenly, I yearn for Sachertorte and Capuccino (mit Schlag-yes, that frivolous whipped cream on top) while nibbling on carrots and celery (you know all writers are liars! I am one only when it comes to food and novels). On here, I mean it when I say that your blog artices are always most entertaining and that I read them faithfully.Meantime, keep those recipes coming.Inge

  7. VikLit says:

    Hee I am all signed up now 😉 Oh now I want CAKE 😉

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