V…….Vivaldi’s Rain

I’m doing things a little differently today.  If you click on the photo below, which is Chloe Agnew (one of the singers of the group Celtic Women) you will hear today’s song, ‘Vivaldi’s Rain’, which is written in Italian.
There is something about Italian words.  Written, they look rather  odd (sayeth she who speaketh a Germanic tongue) but speak or, better, sing them and you have poetry.

Signore guidami
E dimmi cosa fare
Ho visto l’amore della mia vita

E lui ha visto me.

Sono confusa, lo confonde
Gli voglio dire che l’amo
E spero dirà lo stesso.
Sono passate due settimane
La vita scorre veloce
Il mio cuore batte forte
Signore guidami e dammi pace. 

Ti chiedo cosa dire, come dirlo
Mostrami come dire che l’amo
Mostrami come dire che mi ama
Sto pregando che dica di amarmi
I can almost understand Spanish , if I see it written.  Italian is not so easy.  So I ‘washed’ the lyrics through Google Translate.  It was less than satisfactory, so I made adjustments.
O Lord grant me guidance
And tell me what to do
I beheld the love of my life
And he looked upon me. 
I am so confused, confounded
I long to tell him that I love him
And I yearn to have him say those words to me. 
A fortnight has passed
Life is passing so swiftly
My heart is pounding
O Lord guide me and give me peace. 
How I wonder what to say – how to say it…
Show me the way to tell him that I love him
Show me how to say ‘I love you’
I am praying he will say that he loves me
Vivaldi’s tunes always make me smile.  The words (for this, at least) can be problematic.

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