Celebrating Sesame Seeds

Today I’m celebrating something very small. Sesame seeds. I love the things. I’m always happy to encounter them, whether in ‘benne candy’ (those oblong rectangles of solidified honey full of sesame seeds that I always try to suck on and end up crunching), sesame chicken or hamburger rolls. I think it’s part of the human condition to chase sesame seeds across our plates, lick our fingers, catch the seeds, and bring them to our mouths.

This is a scene from a story I’m working on. It takes place in Egypt, God save the mark, and the two people are sitting in a plain, dockside tavern and discussing something very serious over a lunch of bread and, perhaps, some fish:

     “There is that.” Intef reached for the jar of beer. “I can send troops over tomorrow, but it will be in a rush.”
     Seti frowned and sat back, absently chasing sesame seeds with a fingertip.  “That might be a good thing,” he said after he licked the seeds off. “As soon as it can be arranged at any rate. Space is limited there – best to set up an encampment.”

     “That may take some time,’ Intef said.
     “That’s what I am afraid of.” He looked for more seeds and then shrugged. “And that is why I am uneasy.” He hooked the gold pendant from beneath his tunic, slipped it over his head, took the ring from the cord and handed it to Intef. “If I need the forces at once I will send to you. This ring is the token I will use. It does not matter who carries it: the request will be coming straight from me.”

They could easily be sitting in McDonald’s chasing sesame seeds across their plates.

There is not a lot that sesame can’t improve in any form. (Toasted) sesame oil adds a lot of flavor, sprinkle a handful in a dish and it adds looks and taste:

I’m going to have a toasted sesame bagel for breakfast, and I’m going to chase all the seeds.


19 comments on “Celebrating Sesame Seeds

  1. Jill Haugh says:

    Loverly meshing of blog with prose, Dear. Always fun to stop by. I do love seseme seeds too, though I have to banish the thought that to me they resemble…(mouse poop). There. I've said it. Should I send? Will you now be grossed out forever when you are chasing them across your plate…or come across the tell-tale signs in that unused bottom cupboard…I'm sending! Sorry!~Just Jill

  2. michelle says:

    I love sesame seeds! Such a distinctive taste… especially sesame seeded buns. Delicious!Happy Friday!

  3. Diana Wilder says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. S.K. Anthony says:

    Yay sesame seeds 😀

  5. Al Diaz says:

    I like sesame too. And that was a very teasing excerpt. Would like to read more! Have a great weekend!

  6. Fun post. I like that you kept that theme throughout, and you almost made me want to rush over to Noah's Bagels and get a sandwich with sesame seeds!

  7. Diana Wilder says:

    Thanks for stopping by!

  8. Diana Wilder says:

    Now that's an interesting thought: those seeds are expensive little blighters. Mice not so much so… Do try a fingertip-ful (moisten fingertip first). If they have the requisite crunch, I may use them. From tame, non-diseased mice, of course… I don't encounter many of the outside ones, having a Maine Coon (original American Longhair Mouser) in the house. She is very good…and she is training my younger cat, who promises to be quite accomplished, as well. (Thanks for the wide grin!)(note to self: hit the 'reply' button when replying, for heaven's sake!)

  9. Diana Wilder says:

    Thank you, Al! Where on earth is your blog? I can't get to it and that avatar is just too gorgeous to ignore.

  10. Diana Wilder says:

    Thanks for stopping by – It was pretty tasty. And I got the recipe for that bottom photo. I foresee some yeasty smells this weekend!

  11. Diana Wilder says:

    S.K. – I just read your profile. Good luck and much success!

  12. Lara says:

    So _that's_ what that candy is called! Love the stuff.Nice excerpt–thanks for sharing!

  13. Julia says:

    Love sesame seeds – and poppy seeds,and sunflower and pumpkin … 🙂

  14. VikLit says:

    Sesame seeds are the perfect small celebration! 🙂

  15. Diana Wilder says:

    Thanks for visiting – I am heading out to get some of that candy. …must ration myself, though…

  16. Diana Wilder says:

    Thank you for visiting, VikLit! …and for suggesting this weekly posting. It's made me stop and think, and I've enjoyed it!

  17. Jill Haugh says:

    Parden me whilst I gag–politely and with grace of course.

  18. Sharon says:

    Such a little thing, too, but oh so good toasted on bread. Hi, found you on the A-Z list and plan to follow. I write and live on the Washington/Idaho border. I'm writing a novel and juggling it with everything else I do. Your travels and life abroad sound fascinating. I spent 9 months in Southeast Asia once.

  19. Diana Wilder says:

    I've always wanted to visit Southeast Asia… I am envious! I'll see you on the A to Z hop for certai – can't wait!

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