Moving Right Along…

Things are coming together with Mourningtide.  I finished the cover design (with a few reservations – more below) with a mock up of the book itself in the works.
It is copyrighted and registered with the Library of Congress, with an edit scheduled.  I’d say it’s five months or less away from publication.  I will miss the characters, especially since I know I won’t be dealing with one of my favorites after this.
Here’s the cover mock up.  The back needs more of a blurb, and I’m not sure I like the black spine…
I write historical fiction, with or without fantasy or mysticism, and I have realized once again the big sorrow of dealing with people, whether real or fictional: they don’t stay around forever.
I said farewell to my father this summer – and I find myself thinking of things he would love – and realize anew that he isn’t beside me to enjoy them.  In the same way, though not as deep, there are characters who, following my timeline, are making their final appearances in life. 
Seti (the main character in Mourningtide) has been dead for five years in the time-setting of Kadesh.  I realized how he died when I was writing backstory about one of the main characters.  Lord Nebamun, who has been one of my favorite non-historical characters in the course of two books, is in his mid-eighties in Kadesh.  Will he be there to welcome the troops home?  I don’t know.  I will miss them both.
I suppose I could pick up one or another of my own books and read – but it is not the same.  But when it’s time to say goodbye…

One comment on “Moving Right Along…

  1. Inge H. Borg says:

    Just to snatch glimpses of your writing here is humbling–as I have mentioned before, I can't wait for Kadesh to rise gloriously from the Egyptian past…whereas Mourningtide promises to let us get closer to an ancient people through their day-to-day lives and loves…the quote from the back-cover alone evokes tears. Maybe it is because we have all have been there, enduring lost loves and dashed hopes…Two ambitious projects–two enticing tales to look forward to…

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