I Am a Writer…

Diana Wilder at Yosemite

Diana Wilder

I am a writer.  That is to say, I write books.  I do other things, as well, but this blog is devoted to my writing.  Where it comes from, what I’m doing, what I’m enjoying, what is annoying me.  Not so much of the last part, actually.

Why am I a writer?  Well, because it suits me.  I like to tell stories, whether or not I have an audience.  I make up stories in my mind – or perhaps I tend to ‘fill in the blanks’ on a situation, and it becomes a story.  I write some of them down.  Where do they come from?  All over the place.  I used to carry a notebook around with me to catch my thoughts; I fell out of the practice during a hurried and harried time, but I’m back to it.

What have I been doing?

Well, I wrote my first poem back in fourth grade a few decades ago.  It was so much fun, I kept up with it.  Some of my poetry is enjoyable, some isn’t. I  haven’t done much of it in years; it is a demanding activity, and my writing skills lie in another direction.  Or maybe I mean that I enjoy channeling the skills in the direction in which they’re going at the moment.

I wrote my first novel, as such, around 8th grade.  Hand written in fountain pen.  I still have it.  It’s a story about Hawaii in the time of Kamehameha the great.  The title was Born of the Sea.   I followed that up a couple years later with a story that was set in French Canada around the time of the French and Indian Wars.  That didn’t have a title, though someone suggested Jaws because some of my characters were rather chatty.

I went to college and a year of grad school.  I was involved in the student newspaper and the fine arts publication, and a number of my poems were printed there.  I wrote a colum – thinking aloud, I guess.  Actually, the colum was rather like a blog.  I did have a following, but it was cut short when I graduated.

Then came The Snowhawk.  That gets a post of its own.  My first full length novel (in three parts, too, so it’s a three-fer).  I wrote it before electronic copies and there it sits, not edit-able because it’s only in hard copy.  But there are other things about it that have earned it an honest retirement.

I have four novels published and more in the works.  But that’s another blog post.

54 comments on “I Am a Writer…

  1. Inge H. Borg says:

    Diana,I check out your Blog regularly–as I did so just now. To my surprise, I stumbled upon a familiar scene…one that YOU designed–and I wrote…what fun.I just managed to upload the entire KHAMSIN to Createspace the sixth time–and, finally, there were no issues with margins, etc. So, soon, there will be a paperback copy available, as is already with SIROCCO.Now, the LEGENDS OF THE WINGED SCARAB (that title arose from your design) must live on–so far only in my head…but I am thinking…Though I must sit down and read your own wonderful tales of the bygone era of Ramesses.Inge H. Borg

  2. Al Diaz says:

    Congratulations on your manuscript! I wish I could say the same but not anywhere close now. Good for you!

  3. Diana Wilder says:

    Thank you, Al~ But it's quality, not timing, and I'm sure yours is worth the wait!

  4. The beauty of your characters and story growing up and experiencing the world; wondering how they'll change and if they'll be the same as when you last saw them. Ain't nothing like finishing a project and putting it in others' hands. Congrats to you! And Spring is a beautiful thing as well.BTW, I'm celebrating my 100th follower with a giveaway.

  5. Lara says:

    Congrats on finishing your manuscript! 🙂

  6. VikLit says:

    Congrats on your MS! And lovely photo!

  7. Diana Wilder says:

    thank you, all! It's a wonderful feeling. …and I didn't miss the 'hop' Which I have been enjoying (thank you, VikLit!)

  8. VikLit says:

    Songs sounds like a GREAT theme! There are some tricky letters in there no matter your theme 😉

  9. S.K. Anthony says:

    That's fantastic! Yay for a theme, have fun with your song posts 😉

  10. The A-Z challenge is making a lot of people happy (myself included). And it's great that you've got your theme. Are you going to plan your posts, or just write on the hop?

  11. Lara says:

    Ooh, great theme! Can't wait to read your posts! 🙂

  12. Diana Wilder says:

    I'm really looking forward to the hop – everone's should be so much fun (and interesting) to read.

  13. Diana Wilder says:

    Either that or chaos (which could be fun, too…)Thanks for stopping!

  14. Diana Wilder says:

    I have the days written out and an outline, but I thought I'd try to 'wing it' as much as I can. The 'Q' song I thought I had turned out to be spelled with a 'C', darn it!

  15. Diana Wilder says:

    Thanks for coming by – I know I'll have a lot of good things to read in April.

  16. Maybe you could include songs you make up for those tricky letters?

  17. Diana Wilder says:

    Well, Bless your heart! I never thought of that! I think I will….

  18. Inge H. Borg says:

    Diana,I always look forward to your themes; but this one will be 'a corker' and really something to find what your inventive self comes up with. You always keep me interested and curious-and you NEVER disappoint.

  19. Made me smile. *I hear Ramesses gets involved in some Pyramid Scheme though, right? 😉

  20. Lara Lacombe says:

    Very cool pictures–thanks for sharing that post!

  21. Diana Wilder says:

    Isn't that amazing? I keep thinking the man must have somehow glued everything…

  22. Those Picture seem unbelievable, so awesome! Thanks, Diana.

  23. Hi Diana! It's me risen from near death! LOL! It's good to see everyone is still here. Good news! I have started the query process on my novel The Beautiful Woman has Come! Jumped in with both feet on Twitter for #PitMad! Yeah me!Good to see that your mom is doing well on her own. As to meals not being to her liking…sigh.Enjoy June's weather, the dog days are yet to come!Cheers!

  24. I am celebrating the afternoon sunshine since usually it's raining by this time of day. I think I better get out for a walk!

  25. Diana Wilder says:

    Hi, Debra -So you finished it?!! fingers and toes crossed, hopeful thoughts sent your way, and I'm good for a copy (purchased) when it comes out, and may it be soon!

  26. Diana Wilder says:

    Based on the photos of your home, a walk in the sunshine would be just the thing, and well worth celebrating!

  27. Beth says:

    So glad your mother is liking her new home, and you're enjoying the new puppy. Love the wind image. Good luck at the cat show. How are the puppy and the cats getting along, BTW?

  28. Lexa Cain says:

    My mom was happier when she gave up the house and moved into a small condo. She didn't get any dining privileges though. I could go for those – I hate to cook. You have a show cat? What fun! I wish you and him luck at the show!

  29. M.R. R. says:

    That's good news about your mom. And it seems the sky is one of the biggest sources of nature's beauty.

  30. Anonymous says:

    It sounds like your mom is enjoying her new place. My folks have been talking about moving into senior housing. They are both 80 and still living in their own home.It has been cool here in New England, and rainy, too. I'm hoping for a return to the 70s soon. I'd like a little spring warmth before we get the heat of summer. Have a great week!

  31. Diana Wilder says:

    Thanks, Beth! My mother seems to much happier now that she doesn't have all the 'stuff' of that other, larger house. She had taken in my grandparents' things when they had to downsize and in the end I think it was preying on her mind. And the place is airy and pretty with large windows. Puppy has discovered that messing with an alpha cat is not a good idea. The cats all grew up with a dog, and there's no nastiness, but the puppy got too 'fresh' with one of the less robust cats and one of them, age 14 1/2, who is apparently the reincarnation of a Drill Sergeant, went after him (no claws) and whapped him on the backside several times. It did teach him some manners.

  32. Diana Wilder says:

    Hi, Lexa! A good many decades of cooking for everyone made my mother decide that it was fun in its place, but the place was rather small unless she had company. She did sit down and write up her very good Spaghetti Sauce recipe for me, for which I am astonished and grateful. Now cooking can be fun again rather than a chore. I got into showing cats a while back when I was at loose ends. I had adopted a little girl who had had some issues (like losing her coat), and I got her back to health. I started showing her a few years back, and I made friends and had fun. I should post a photo of her, but if you search my posts under 'Frida', you will find her. Also 'Attractive Nuisance'.

  33. Diana Wilder says:

    It is interesting how I had forgotten the sky for a while. You get busy and focused on the things that are worrying/occupying you, and you forget to look up. I used to love watching the night sky (or the sunset sky or the dawn sky). Now that I've remembered, I make time for it. So splendid!

  34. Diana Wilder says:

    Your parents sound wonderful – how many people talk of turning SIXTY as though it is officially 'Old Age'? I'm enjoying the cooler weather now. I understand we'll be heading toward the Dog Days in a week or so.

  35. Hey, I'll move if it means someone cooks for me. (Please?) You've transported me out into the night. I haven't felt that sensation since we left the west–since it's too humid to enjoy the evening here. I hope you and your cat have a blast!

  36. Hi Diana – I think many of us are struggling … but writing or blogging certainly can take us away into other worlds … that's great you're working on revising it … good luck – cheers Hilary

  37. Beth says:

    I think the most in-the-zone writing comes when a character runs away with the story. Glad those stories inspired you once again.

  38. Yvette Carol says:

    Hi, Diana! I like the monthly question thing, too. It's a good idea. This month's question has helped us get to know some of the other members a bit better. I already had something I wanted to write about, so I didn't do it but I thought the question was brilliant, regardless. Your first book sounds great! I too have a first book I'll never throw away. It's precious personal history now! 🙂

  39. Diana,An inspiring story of how those early works can serve as a reminder of why we became writers in the first place. Thanks for sharing this.Anne from annehiga.com

  40. That's so cool that an editor read it for you. That's the key reason I would still pursue traditional publishing–to work with that level of a professional editor.

  41. Anonymous says:

    I'm glad you kept that first story! I so know what you mean about life getting in the way of writing. It took me almost 30 years from when I first started writing my novel as a hobby (on a typewriter) to when I finally published it last year. Who knows? Maybe someday you'll publish that first story. Either way, its inspiration remains.

  42. Lexa Cain says:

    It's fabulous that you went back and breathed life into an old manuscript! I have several and I wish that could happen to me. Have a great weekend! 🙂

  43. Arlee Bird says:

    The days before word programs and computers were such a hassle for writers like me. Typing really discouraged me as I never had my own typewriter and my typing skills weren't all that good. I wrote everything longhand until I got to college and then papers had to be typewritten–again a hassle for me.Your persistence early on is admirable from my perspective. Even if your first foray turned out to be a dry run, it was still good to have to chalk up to experience and lessons learned.Arlee BirdTossing It Out

  44. Meka James says:

    yes write it down! I am plagued with this simple, but often not taken piece of advice. This happened to me as recently as last night. Just as I was drifting off to sleep a perfect scene popped into my head. Did I grab my phone to jot it down in the notes section? Nope. Did I recall that 'perfection' when I got up this morning? Nope. 😦 Now I'll spend all day going through my head trying to piece it back together. LOL fun times ahead.

  45. Diana Wilder says:

    Ouch! Isn't that the way it goes? You never wake up and have it come right back to you. …though sometimes, when it takes a while to retrieve it, it ends up being better than your initial notion.

  46. Liesbet says:

    Yes, to this lesson! I have learned this as well, the hard way. I know I should write these valuable ideas, thoughts and epiphanies down, but, when in bed (too tired) or sailing (too wet, windy and uncomfortable) or many other times (too lazy; no way I'd forget such a great idea!), I always ignore that lesson, and, of course, forget the thoughts. 😦 I carry a notebook around as well, but wish I could have all my thoughts recorded with no effort at all – a voice recorder permanently mounted in my brain would work…

  47. Ha ha, yes, the notebook. I always take one everywhere too. It works!

  48. Hi Diana … work out the best methodology for you … and then stick to the routine – you obviously realised you needed to jot things down and used your initiative … I must get myself into that syndrome … cheers Hilary

  49. This is a great tip. It isn't something I currently do, but I could probably benefit from starting to follow. I like the idea of carrying a little notebook around with me to capture random thoughts during my day.

  50. Not sure if it helps at all, but I keep a “Notes” file on my iPhone where I can capture ideas if I have them. That way it's always with me. There's a file on my computer, as well…I just consult both of them when it's time to throw some ideas at my agent and see what she thinks will sell.

  51. It's fascinating to think about all the ways writers have written down their ideas through the years. I read a book, a memoir, where the writer had written her complete rough draft on her smartphone while waiting– for appointments, in her car, wherever we are waiting and we pull out our phones. I thought that was brilliant!

  52. I love that modern wax tablet. I tend to get ideas in the shower, and I want to get them down right away when I get out. The only problem is between my shower and my computer, I have to run the gauntlet of other people who want to talk about their own thoughts. Usually I can still capture my idea when I do get there, but alas, some have been lost forever.

  53. Hi Diana – I just came across the Insecure Writer's Support Group today, and I love the blog hop idea! This was a great post. I agree with the philosophy of writing all your ideas down as soon as you can. I've tried a few different methods that haven't worked well for me. Last week, I started jotting down all my random ideas in Evernote. I use both the desktop version and the mobile app, and it's helping SO much! You can add tags to each note, which makes them really easy to sort through later. I've been using it for story ideas, blog post ideas, references, etc. It's my new favourite way to stay organized. 🙂

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